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Storm Canvas. 'Storm Sails.'

Storm Cone. Black cone hoisted at various points on coasts of British Isles when a gale is expected. Hoisted point upwards when gale is expected to commence from N'ly point, point down when from a S'ly point.

Storm-Modifying Oil. Fish or vegetable oil carried for distribution on surface of stormy seas. Its action is purely mechanical; friction of air being greatly reduced.

Storm Plates. General name given to hinged plates of sheet iron that can cover up a ventilation hatch, or grating, in stormy weather.

Storm Sails. Sails made of particularly heavy canvas, and of reduced dimensions, for use in heavy weather.

Storm Signals. Visual signals by means of flags, shapes, and lights that are exhibited on coasts of most maritime countries. By means of an appropriate code they give warning of approaching bad weather to vessels in the vicinity.

Stove In. Said of a boat when one or more of the strakes has been forced in, thus causing a leak. Also applied to a cask, barrel, etc., when a stave or heading has been forced in.

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