Nautical words

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'Still'. Spoken when it is necessary to stop some previous order from being carried out. Operations are resumed at the order 'Carry on'.

Sting Ray. Target-seeking torpedo which can be launched from the air.

Stink Pot.* An earthenware container holding an inflammable and foul-smelling composition. Formerly used as a projectile in naval warfare. Was an early forerunner of gas warfare.

Stirrup. One of a series of short pendants on a yard. Lower end has a thimble through which the footrope passes. 2.* Plates, on each side after deadwood, that were through-fastened.

Stock. Of anchor, is the cross-piece just below ring of anchor. Being at right angles to line of flukes it ensures fluke biting, and resists shank turning, and so releasing fluke from ground.

Stockholm Tar. Vegetable tar used for preservation of ropes and, sometimes, canvas from the effects of water. Extracted from pine tree (pinus sylvestris). Produced by Sweden, Norway, Germany, and Russia. An inferior type is produced in America.

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