Nautical words

Sternmost. Farthest astern, Stern Port

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Sternmost. Farthest astern,

Stern Port. Opening in stern of ship for gun, ventilation, admission: of light, or for loading cargo.

Stern Post. Vertical member at after end of hull. In single-screw J vessels it usually carries rudder and forms part of stern frame. In wooden vessels, is a vertical timber resting on after end of keel.

Stern Sheets. That space, in a boat, abaft after thwart; or between after thwart and backboard.

Sternson. Stern knees.

Stern Tube. Watertight cast-iron tube through which propeller shaft is passed for attachment of propeller.

Stern Walk. Kind of balcony that, until recent years, was fitted on the sterns of larger warships.

Sternway. Astern motion of a vessel through the water.

Sternwheeler. Shallow draught steam vessel propelled by a wide paddle-wheel at stern. Formerly used on Nile, Mississippi, and other rivers.

Stevedore. Man who stows or unloads cargo in a hold.

Steward. Man concerned with the feeding of officers, crew, and passengers in a ship, and with the cleanliness and upkeep of living accommodation.

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