Nautical words

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Stereographic Projection. Representation of concave surface of a hemisphere to a plane that is a great circle of the sphere; the observer being considered as being at inferior pole of the great circle.

Stern. After end of a vessel. Originally, the word meant "steering part'-and was applied to tiller and rudder.

Stern Anchor. Anchor carried aft for anchoring by the stern.

Sternboard. Track of a vessel when going astern. 2. To make a sternboard; to force a vessel astern under sail.

Stern Chase. Pursuit of one vessel by another vessel astern of her.

Stern Chaser. Gun capable of firing directly astern.

Stern Fast. Mooring-rope leading, approximately, astern.

Stern Frame. Substantial member often combining rudder-post, propeller post, and their extensions. After ends of plating are secured to it. It frequently carries rudder and propeller.

Stern Knee. Extension of keelson to take heel of stern post.

Stern Light. White light shown astern by all vessels when being overtaken. Usually fixed, and shown from sunset to sunrise.

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