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Stem Head. Upper extremity of a stem. Stem Jack

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Stem Head. Upper extremity of a stem.

Stem Jack. Small national flag hoisted at jackstaff at stem.

Stem Knee. Curved member connecting stem and keel.

Stemming. Maintaining position over the ground when underway in a river or tidal stream. 2. Reporting a vessel's arrival in dock to the dock authority, or Customs.

Stem Piece. Bracket-shaped piece, on stem, for supporting a bowsprit. 'Independent Piece.'

Stem Post. Stem bar. Foremost member of a vessel's construction, rising vertically from fore end of keel.

Stemson. Internal compass timber, connecting apron and keelson, in wake of scarph of stem of a wooden vessel.

Step 332 Sticks

Step. The fitting in which the lower end of a mast is placed. To step a mast is to upright it, and ship the heel in the step.

Stepney. For generations has been considered the parish of British seamen. It was customary, until recently, to inform rector of the parish church of all births and baptisms at sea. Births now are notified to Somerset House from official logs, when rendered.

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