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Steering Crutch. Crutch shipped near sternpost of a boat to take a steering oar.

Steering Engine. Steam, electric, or hydraulic engine that is conĀ­trolled by a steering-wheel, and moves tiller and rudder in response to movements of the wheel.

Steering Gear. All connection and mechanisms between the steering-wheel and the rudder, by the working of which the vessel is steered.

Steering-Oar. Oar used, over the stern, for steering a boat.

Steering Rules. Rules of the 'Regulation for Preventing Collisions at Sea'.

Steering Sail. Canvas set to assist steering, rather than to aid propulsion.

Steering Wheel. Wheel, with spokes projecting beyond its outer circumference, by which the rudder is controlled directly or indirectly. Commonly called 'the wheel'.

Steeve. Angle above the horizontal made by a bowsprit, cat davit, or other outboard spar. 2. Long spar having one end fitted for taking hook of a tackle, the other end being fitted for forcing items of cargo into place.

Steeving. The steeve of a bowsprit. 2. Adjusting the steeve of a bowsprit. 3. Forcing cargo into position with a steeve.

Stem. Vertical member rising upwards from fore end of keel, to which it is scarphed or connected. Fore ends of strakes are fastened to it.

Stem Band. Metal strip fastened to fore edge of a boat's stem.

Stem Fender. Fender put athwart stem of a vessel to prevent damage by, or to, the stem.

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