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Steeler. 'Stealer.' Steer

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Steeler. 'Stealer.'

Steer. To govern the course of a vessel by controlling, directly or indirectly, the helm or rudder. To steer a course is to keep ship's head in a given direction. A vessel is said to steer when she answers the helm.

Steerage. Accommodation that was, originally, in the vicinity of the rudder; later, it was forward of the main cabin. In both cases it was inferior to the cabin. Nowadays, is applied to accommodation for passengers other than cabin passengers.

Steerage Passenger 331 Stemson

Steerage Passenger. Passenger who is allotted less than 36 superĀ­ficial feet of space for his, or her, exclusive use.

Steerage Way. Sufficient speed through the water for a vessel to answer her helm.

Steering Chains. Chains by which the wheel operates the rudder, directly or indirectly.

Steering Compass. Compass fitted with a lubber line, and mounted forward of wheel, or tiller, so that it can easily be seen by helmsman.

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