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Steamer. A vessel propelled by steam. Steamer Lanes

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Steamer. A vessel propelled by steam.

Steamer Lanes. Ocean tracks usually followed by mechanically-propelled vessels.

Steamer Tracks. 'Steamer Lanes.'

Steaming Covers. Canvas covers put on masts, and yards of a steam vessel when underway. They protect these from smoke and sparks from funnel. Rarely seen nowadays; formerly, quite usual.

Steaming Fog. Name sometimes given to 'Arctic Sea Smoke'.

Steaming Light. The masthead light shown by a mechanically-propelled vessel in accordance with Rule of the International Regulations for preventing collision at sea.

Steam Metal. Brass used in steam engines. Is alloy of copper 1 (87 %), zinc (3 %), tin (7 %), lead (3 %).

Steamship. Vessel propelled by steam and capable of being navigated on the high seas.

Steam Tiller. Steam engine mounted on a tiller, and controlled by steering-wheel and its own hunting gear.

Steam Trawler. Trawl-fishing vessel propelled by steam.

Steam Trials. Tests put on boilers and engines of a vessel, par­ticularly when new or refitted, to ascertain their effectiveness and seaworthiness.

Steam Whistle. Whistle whose sound is produced by the passage of steam. When fitted in steam vessels it must be at least 30 inches in height and five inches in diameter. Diameter of steam pipe is not less than two inches, and pipe must be lagged. Audibility must be two miles at least.

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