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Stave In. To break or displace a stave. Stave off

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Stave In. To break or displace a stave.

Stave off. To bear off with a staff, boathook, long spar, etc.

Stay. A rope that steadies a mast in a fore and aft direction, more particularly when on fore side of mast. To 'stay' is: (1) to incline a mast correctly by adjustment of stays; (2) to go about under sail.

Stay Holes. Holes, in luff of a staysail, that takes the hanks which ride along the stay. Staying. 'Tacking'.

Staysail. Sail whose luff is attached to a stay.

Stay Tackle. Purchase suspended from triatic stay for working cargo, or lifting weights.

Stay Tube 330 Steerage

Stay Tube. One of the smoke tubes of a cylindrical marine boiler. Is of thicker metal than ordinary tubes and is held to tube plates by nuts on end of tube, instead of by expansion of end; thus giving extra support to tube plates. About one-quarter of smoke tubes are stay tubes.

'Steady.' Order given to helmsman when ship's head is on a desired course, and he is required to keep vessel on that course.

Stealer. Single plate, or strake, that is joined to two strakes of plating that have narrowedowing to the form of the vessel.

Steam Cornet. Swallow-tailed pendant formerly flown above house flag by a vessel having steam propulsion in addition to sails. Name was sometimes given to 'A' flag when hoisted by a steam vessel on steaming or engine trials.

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