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Statics. 'Atmospherics.' Station Bill

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Statics. 'Atmospherics.'

Station Bill. List of ship's company giving the stations of each individual in various drills and emergencies.

Station Keeping. Maintaining a prescribed distance and bearing from a specified ship.

Station Pointer. Instrument for determining position of observer from observations of two horizontal angles between three distant objects whose positions are charted. Consists of a graduated circle having one arm fixed and two arms movable, all radiating from centre. Invented by J. Hubbard, F.R.S., b. 1753, d. 1815.

Statute Mile. Arbitrary unit of length with value of 5280 ft. Adopted as legal unit of distance in reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Rarely considered in nautical work.

Staunch. Said of a vessel that is firm, strong, and unlikely to develop leaks.

Staunching. Putting water in a boat, cask, or wooden bucket, to close the seams by wetting the wood.

Stave. Strip of wood shaped when making a cask, tub, or bucket.

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