Nautical words

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Standing Rigging. Shrouds, stays, trusses, pendants, etc., that support masts, yards, booms, and gaffs by being fixed and immovable.

Stand Off and On. To sail, alternately, towards the land and away from it.

Stand On. Maintain course and speed.

Stand Out. To sail away from a port, or the land.

Stand Up. To keep close to the wind or come closer to it.

Starboard. Direction equivalent to "right hand' when facing forward.

'Starboard,’ Order to helmsman to turn wheel to starboard -tiller to port -so that ship's head turns to starboard. Previous to 30th June, 1931, the word signified the opposite directions. Starboard Tack. Having the wind on the starboard side when under sail. Having starboard tacks boarded, and port sheets taut.

Starbowlines. Name familiarly given to the starboard watch.

Star Chart. Projection of celestial concave to a plane surface for showing relative positions of fixed stars. Various projections are used, according to purpose of chart.

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