Nautical words

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Standard Rudder. Pre-arranged angle of helm used by ships in formation when turning together, or manoeuvring.

Standard Salvage Agreement. Standardised form of salvage agreeĀ­ment recognised by Lloyds Corporation and practically all insurance and salvage corporations.

Standard Sheer. See 'Sheer'.

Standard Time. Official and authoritative time kept in a country or place. It is usually, but not always, a complete number of hours different from Greenwich Time. Also called 'Civil Time'.

Stand By. To remain in the vicinity of a vessel to render assistance necessary. 2. Cautionary order to be in readiness.

Stand In. To steer or sail towards the land.

Standing Block. Block that is fixed in position, particularly that block, of a tackle, that does not move in position when the fall is hauled upon.

Standing Lug. Lugsail in which the tack is made fast near the mast. Yard projects about a quarter of its length before mast, and remains on the same side of mast on either tack. Standing Part. That part of a tackle fall that is made fast to a block and extends to the moving block.

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