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Stakes.* Former name for 'Strakes'. Staith

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Stakes.* Former name for 'Strakes'.

Staith. Elevated structure from which coal and other cargoes can be loaded into a vessel. Name is also given to a landing-place, or loading-place.

Stamukha. Ice masses grounded in shoal water.

Stanchion. Vertical member, usually metal, carrying ridge rope, guard rails, or manropes. 2. Vertical members that support deck beams.

Stand. A sail is said to 'stand' when it is drawing. 2. Of tide, is the time interval between instant of high, or low, water, and the commencement of fall or rise, respectively.

Standard. Short name for 'Royal Standard'. 2. That which acts as a criterion, to which others are compared or referred.

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