Nautical words

Stabber. Thin, tapered marline spike. Stability

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Stabber. Thin, tapered marline spike.

Stability. That property of a ship, or body, by which it maintains a position of equilibrium, or returns to that position when a force that has displaced it ceases to act.

Stable Equilibrium. A ship which, when forcibly inclined, returns to her original upright position is in stable equilibrium.

Stack. Ship's funnel. (U.S.).

Staff.* Prefix formerly applied to officers of Royal Navy, other than executive officers, who were of rank equivalent to lieutenant-commander.

Stage. Plank, or planks, fitted with transverse bearers, slung by ropes and put over ship's side, or in holds, for men to work on.

Stage Lashing. New, soft-laid, hemp rope used for lashing stages, and other purposes. Is pliable and grips well.

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