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Spurling Pipe. Tube leading from forecastle to cable locker and | enclosing the cable. 'Navel Pipe.'

Spurnwater. Eyebrow, or rigol, fitted above a port hole or scuttle | to deflect water which may run down.

Spy Glass. Short telescope, with large object glass, that preceded binoculars at sea.

Squall. High wind that arrives suddenly and ceases suddenly. May, or may not, blow in direction of the prevalent wind.

Square.* That part of the shank, of old type of anchor, to which the stock and shackle were attached.

Square Knot. Interlacing and securing of two ropes crossing at right angles. An 'S'-shaped bight is put in one rope; second rope interlaces the 'S' at right angles.

Square Rig. That rig in which the principal sails are bent to yards across the masts. 2. In Royal Navy, the name is colloquially given to the bluejackets' uniform - to distinguish it from the 'fore and aft' rig of petty officers.

Square Sail 327 Standard Nautical Mile

Square Sail. Four-sided sail bent to a yard; particularly one carried by schooners when running.

Square Yards. To brace the yards at right angles to fore and aft line, and to adjust lifts so that yards are horizontal.

Squat. The increase of a vessel's draft caused by her movement through the water. In shallow water with high speed squat may amount to one metre.

Squeegee. Flat piece of wood with vertical rubber strip in lower end. Shipped on a handle and used for removing water from deck.

Squilgce. American form of 'Squeegee'. 2. (U.S.N.) Toggle used when setting lower studdingsail. It held a strop that passed around sail and yard, and was withdrawn immediately before sheeting home.

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