Nautical words

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Spritsail Sheet Knot. Knot used for joining ends of a piece of rope when making a strop for a Spritsail sheet block. Rope was rove through longitudinal holes in sheet block and both ends were passed through thimble in clew of Spritsail, the knot being made to secure it. Seizing was then put on close to block.

Spritsail Yard. Yard, across bowsprit, for spreading guys of jib boom and flying jib boom. Sometimes carried a Spritsail.

Sprockets. Recesses in rim of a wheel, or drum, around which chain is passed; being shaped so that link of chain lies snugly. more particularly applied to those on capstans and windlasses for taking links of chain cable.

Sprung. Said of a wooden mast or spar when it is strained, or partly fractured, by excessive stress.

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