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Spontaneous Combustion. Burning of a substance by the generation of heat consequent on a chemical change taking place inside the substance.

Spooning. Running directly before wind and sea.

Spoondrift. 'Spindrift'.

Spouter. A whale when spouting.

Sprag. A bolt inserted in the spur wheel of a towing winch to prevent the winch from turning.

Spray. Water blown, or thrown, into the air in particles.

Spreaders. Spars, or irons, put on a mast to increase the interior angle that a shroud or backstay makes with the mast.

Spreading. Distributing a fire over the firebars in a boiler furnace when the fire is lit, or after it has been banked.

Spring. Rope from after part of a vessel led outside and forward to a point of attachment outside vessel. By heaving on it ship can be moved ahead. Sometimes led to anchor cable, for casting ship's head. 2. Tendency of a vessel's head to come nearer to wind. 3. The opening of a seam. 4. Partial fracture in a mast or spar.

Spring a Leak. To start leaking, possibly through straining.

Spring a Luff. To come closer to the wind when close-hauled. 2. To come into the wind and set to leeward.

Spring Beam. Strong fore and aft timber connecting the outboard ends of a paddle-box. Spring Block. Pulley block having a spring connection to ring-bolt. Formerly used for sheet blocks, and others, so that they yielded slightly to sudden gusts of wind.

Springing. Moving a vessel ahead by means of a spring. 2. Loosen­ing the butt of a plank in a vessel's bottom.

Spring Range. Difference between heights of high and low water

of a spring tide.

Spring Stays 326 Square Rig

Spring Stays. Additional mast stays set up in warships before action.

Spring Tides. Tides occurring about New and Full Moon; rising farthest above mean level, and falling farthest below it.

Sprit. Spar going diagonally from tack to peak of a four-sided fore and aft sail, to spread it. Lower end usually rests in a snotter.

Spritsail. Fore and aft sail spread by a sprit between tack and peak. 2. Square sail spread by gaffs on either side of bowsprit and just abaft the dolphin striker.

Spritsail Gaff. One of the gaffs on either side of bowsprit for carry­ing a Spritsail. Also called 'Whisker Gaff'.

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