Nautical words

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Splicing Hammer. Hammer with a head having a flat face at end and a tapered part at the other end.

Splicing Shackle.* Formerly used for joining hemp to chain cable. Hemp cable was spliced round a solid heart thimble that was pierced to take pin of chain cable.

Spline. Piece of thin, flexible, straight-grained wood, about 6 ft. long, used for setting off curves of boats and yachts.

Split Knee. Steel beam knee made by cutting horizontally into end of beam and turning down the lower section.

Splitting Tacks. Yacht racing term for going about when 'lee bowed'.

Spoke. One of the hand-grips of a steering-wheel.

Sponson. Outboard decking before or abaft a paddle-box. 2. Pro­jection of upper deck outboard of ship's side for carrying a gun, searchlight, or other fitting.

Sponson Beam. Strong athwartship beam that supports lower end of a paddle-box.

Sponson Rim. Timber connecting paddle-beam to side of vessel.

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