Nautical words

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Spindle Eye. 'Flemish Eye'.

Spindrift. Finely-divided water swept from crest of waves by strong winds.

Spinnaker Boom. Spar that extends the foot of a spinnaker.

Spinning Jenny. Formerly, winch for making rope yarn. Now, platform, suspended from a swivel and used for uncoiling wire rope.

Spirket. Space between floor timbers of a wooden ship. 2. A large wooden peg.

Spirketing. Inside strake between waterways and the port sills of old wooden ships.

Spit. A projecting shoal.

Spitfire. Name sometimes given to a small jib used as a storm sail in a boat.

Splay Tackle. Purchase extended between heels of sheer legs, to adjust and maintain their distance apart.

Splice. Join in rope made by intertwining ends of strands. 2. To join ropes by splicing.

Splice Main Brace. To issue an extra ration of rum. The main brace, often a tapered rope, was spliced only in the most excep­tional circumstances.

Splicing Hammer 325 Spring Range

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