Nautical words

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Spectionecr, Spectioner. 'Specksynder.'

Speculum. Concave metal mirror in a reflecting telescope.

Speed. Of a ship, is her velocity through the water in a given condition. Of a piston, is the number of feet it travels in one minute. Of crank pin, is distance centre travels in one minute. Speed Error. Error of indication, by a gyro compass, due to torque set up by speed of ship.

Speed of Wave______ __323______ ___Spiders Web

Speed of Wave. Rate at which successive crests pass a fixed point. In ocean waters, speed in knots is approximately 0.8 speed of wind.

Speed Trial. The running of a vessel on a measured distance to ascertain her exact speed.

Spell. Time spent on a particular duty, or when relieved from duty.

Spencer. Loose-footed trysail set abaft mast and with head extended along a gaff.

Spencer Mast. Small mast, immediately abaft a principal mast, for carrying a trysail. Spend. To spend a mast, spar, or sail is to cause it to be carried away in bad weather.

Sperm Whale. Alternative name for 'Cachalot'.

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