Nautical words

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Spanker Boom. Boom on after side of after mast of a ship or barque, to which the foot of spanker was stretched.

Spanker Gaff. Spar to which head of a spanker is stretched.

Spanking. Applied to a wind, or movement of a vessel, to denote brisk and lively.

Span Shackle 322 Speed Error

Span Shackle. Large steel bolt, secured below forecastle deck beams and above topgallant forecastle deck, with a strengthened socket into which cat davit was shipped.

Spar. Long and rounded piece of timber. General name for any yard, gaff, or boom.

Spar Buoy. Long spar, moored more or less vertically, that acts as a navigational aid.

Spar Ceiling. Removable side battens fitted in a hold to keep cargo off ship's side, and to provide for through ventilation of cargo.

Spar Deck. Originally, a deck formed by spars resting on beams. Later, name was given to vessels of somewhat light construction above main deck, and intended to carry both cargo and passengers.

Speak. To communicate with another vessel, or with a shore station.

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