Nautical words

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Spanish Bowline. Rather complicated manipulations of a bighted rope to form two separate and permanent loops in the bight. Rarely, if ever, used nowadays, but was formerly used in jury rigging.

Spanish Reef. A lubberly reef. Made by settling yard of a square sail, or knotting the head of a jib.

Spanish Windlass. Simple and powerful mechanism for heaving together two parts of rope. Short round bar is laid across two parts of rope and a small line is passed round the two parts. Ends of small line are passed over cross bar, and marline spikes inserted into ends by marline spike hitches. By using cross bar as fulcrum the two ropes are drawn together.

Spanker. Fore and aft sail, spread to a gaff and boom, on after side of after mast of a ship or barque. Sometimes called 'Driver'. Name was given to after mast of a five-masted ship.

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