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South-West Monsoon Currents

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South-West Monsoon Currents. Drift currents set up in China Sea, Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, off coasts of Burma and west India by South-West Monsoon.

Sou'wester. Oilskin headgear having projections to protect back of neck, ears, and eyes. 2. South-westerly gale.

Span. Length of rope, with eye in each end, stretched between two points of attachment.

Span Block. Block hooked or shackled into eyes of a span lying across a mast cap and around mast.

Spanish Burton. Purchase made with two single blocks. Rope spliced in head of moving block, rove through standing block, then through moving block. Hook inserted in second drift between standing and moving block. Gives power of three, but only a short lift.

Spanish Fox. Made by unlaying a yarn, smoothing it down, and laying it up in the opposite direction.

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