Nautical words

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South-East Trade Drifts. Surface currents set up in nearly all oceans by SE trade winds. In general, they merge into the Equatorial Current; in Indian Ocean the drift originates the current.
South Equatorial Current 321 ______ __Spanking

South Equatorial Current. A term often used to denote the Equa­torial Current by those who consider the North-East Trade Drift to be the North Equatorial Current.

Southerly Burster (Buster). Wind off S and SE coasts of Australia during summer and autumn. Usually develops from a wind between North and West, which chops round and brings cold and stormy conditions.

Southern Cross. The conspicuous constellation Crux.

Southing. Distance, or difference of latitude, made good in a direction due south. Of a heavenly body, is its meridian transit south of observer.

South Seas. Former name for South Pacific Ocean.

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