Nautical words

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Sounding Bottle. Small container, or bottle, lowered into the sea to bring up a sample of sea-water from a desired depth.

Sounding Machine. Apparatus for dropping a line and sinker to sea-bed, measuring the amount of line out, heaving in the sinker and indicating the actual depth of water.

Sounding Pipe. Tube leading from a deck to any place or comĀ­partment containing water or liquid. Forms a lead for a graduated rod, to which is attached a line.

Sounding Rod. Graduated rod, attached to a line, used for measurĀ­ing depth of liquid in a space.

Sound Signal. Any signal transmitted by a system of sounds.

South. Point or direction opposite to North. For a heavenly body to 'South' is for it to come to the meridian south of observer.

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1   ...   784   785   786   787   788   789   790   791   ...   963

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