Nautical words

Sonor. See Asdic. Soogee Moogee/Sujee-mujee

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Sonor. See Asdic.

Soogee Moogee/Sujee-mujee. Cleansing powder used for cleaning wood and paintwork.

SOS. Morse symbols of 3 shorts, 3 longs, 3 shorts, made by any signalling method. The international signal, “I am in distress and require assistance.'

Sothis. Egyptian name for the star Sirius.

Souillagouet Method. Solution of the PZX triangle by dropping a perpendicular from X to observer's meridian, and so making two right-angled triangles.

Soul and Body Lashing. Spun yarn passed around open parts of oilskin clothing to exclude water and wind.

Sound. Narrow expanse of water between two land masses. 2. Sound waves of a frequency (less than 3800 per second) that can be detected by the human ear. 3. To ascertain depth of Water by measuring distance from surface to bottom. 4. Whaling term used to denote the quick descent of a whale in the sea, particularly after being harpooned.

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