Nautical words

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Solstitial Colure. Hour circle passing through solstitial points. Contains poles of Equinoctial and Ecliptic.
Solstitial Points 320 South-East Trade Drifts

Solstitial Points. The two points in Ecliptic that are most remote from Equinoctial. When Sun is in either of these points his declination stands still for two or three days.

Solstitial Tides. Tides occurring about the period of the solstice. Diurnal inequalities of tropic tides may be unusually large.

Somerville Sounding Gear. Used in surveying vessels. Weight is towed along sea-bed by a line from forward so adjusted that weight is just forward of propellers. An up and down line from weight is rove through a block with a small weight in inboard end, so keeping line taut: this line is marked so that depth can be read.

Sonic Sounder. Instrument that measures sea depths by measuring time interval between emission of an audible sound and the return of its echo from sea-bed.

Son of a Gun. Seaman who was born aboard a warship. As this was once considered to be one of the essentials of the perfect seaman it has long been a complimentary term.

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