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Solar Eclipse. Eclipse of Sun.

Solar Month. Interval in which Sun passes through a sign of the Zodiac.

Solar System. Sun, nine planets with their satellites, the asteroids, periodic comets, and meteors.

Solar Time. Time measured by hour angle of either the Mean or True Sun.

Solar Year. Tropical Year.'

Soldier's Wind. Wind with a direction that allows a vessel to sail out and return on one tack each way. 2. Sometimes said of a wind that allows a vessel to go from one point to another on one tack - but this is a 'fair' wind.

Sole. Piece attached to lower edge of a rudder to bring it to level of a false keel. 2. Bottom part of a launching cradle.

Solid Thimble. Metal block, with small circular hole, inserted in eye of a wire rope when maximum strength is required.

Solitary Wave. High and lone wave that is out of all proportion to the prevailing sea. Generally produced by a wave that has moved fast before a wind, and overtaken smaller waves under its lee. By absorbing these, its size increases rapidly.

Solstice. Either of the two points in Ecliptic that are most remote from plane of Equinoctial. At these points Sun appears to stand still in declination for an appreciable time.

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