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Soft Tack. Fresh bread. Solan Goose

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Soft Tack. Fresh bread.

Solan Goose. Solent Goose. Gannet. Sea bird with blue face, greyish-white bill, white plumage with some black in it. Head and neck are buff. Overall length is about three feet. Large numbers are to be seen in Firth of Forth - especially Bass Rock - and in Baltic.

Solano. Easterly rain-wind in Straits of Gibraltar and on SE coast of Spain.

Solar. Pertaining to the Sun.

Solar Constant. Deduced value of Sun's radiation at upper bound­ary of Earth's atmosphere. Is expressed as 1.94 calories per square centimetre per second.

Solar Constituent. That part of a tidal undulation that is due to the tractive effort of the Sun.

Solar Cycle. Period of 28 years, after which days of the week fall on same dates in the month.

Solar Day. Interval between successive transits of Sun (true or mean) across a particular meridian.

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1   ...   780   781   782   783   784   785   786   787   ...   963

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