Nautical words

Smuggler. Man or vessel engaged in smuggling. Smuggling

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Smuggler. Man or vessel engaged in smuggling.

Smuggling. Importing or exporting dutiable goods without paying the appropriate Customs duties.

Snaffle. Lug that takes pivoting pin of a gooseneck.

Snake. To worm. To lay yarn or small rope in cantlines of a larger rope.

Snap Hook. Self-mousing hook having a spring strip across mouth.

Snatch. Fairlead or thumb cleat having a spring strip across the mouth.

Snatch Block. Block having a hinged part, in line of swallow, which can be opened to allow bight of a rope to be laid on the sheave.

Snekkja. Norse longship of 50 to 60 oars, c. 900 a.d.

Snorkel/Snort. A large vertical tube extending above a submarine's conning-tower to enable fresh air to be obtained when the submarine is just submerged. 2. A short tube with a face-mask worn by a swimmer for a similar purpose.

Snorter. Alternative name for 'Snotter'. 2. A very high wind.

Snotter. Rope strop, or metal ring, holding heel of a sprit or gaff to the mast. 2. Grommet strop used for passing over a yard arm and around tripping rope when sending a yard aloft, or on deck, so keeping mast alongside the rope. 3. Canvas strop through which bags are slung. 4. A length of rope or wire with an eye spliced in each end, used for slinging bales, etc.

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