Nautical words

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Smelling the Ground. Said of a vessel when her keel is close to the bottom and all but touching it.

Smitting Line 318 Sny

Smiting Line. Rope attached to a number of rope yarn stops that were around a furled sail. By pulling on this line the whole of the sail was instantly released, and could be sheeted home.

Smoke Fog. Off-shore fog generated, mainly, by smoke particles.

Smoke Helmet. A head covering to which fresh air is supplied through a tube and pump, for use in fighting fires.

Smoke Sail. Canvas screen placed abaft galley funnel to keep smoke soot particles from falling on quarter deck or poop.

Smoke Stack. U.S.A. name for a steamship's funnel.

Smooth. Comparatively smooth area of sea surface in stormy sea.

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1   ...   777   778   779   780   781   782   783   784   ...   963

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