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Slip Stopper. Chain that confines a stowed anchor to the billboard By releasing a slip, in end of chain, anchor is freed.

Slipstream. Current of water projected on rudder by propeller action.

Slipway. One of the inclined longitudinal timbers supporting a vessel on a building or repairing slip. Inclination varies between one in 12 to one in 24, according to size of vessel it is designed to take.

Slob 317 Smelling the Ground

Slob. Loose and broken ice in bays, or along exposed edges of floes.

Sloop. One-masted sailing vessel having fore and aft rig, bowsprit, and jib stay. Name is often given to any such vessel having a single-head sail. 2. Small vessel, mechanically-propelled and used for patrol, escort, and other duties in time of war, formerly ship-rigged. Slop Chest. Chest, or compartment, in which is stowed clothing for issue to crew.

Slop Room. Compartment in which clothing for issue to crew is stowed.

Slops. Clothing that is slipped on. Formerly, name was given to all clothing carried for issue to crew.

Slop Tank. Tank in an oil-tanker used to receive the washings from other tanks when these are being cleaned, the contents of the slop tank later being discharged ashore.

Slot Ice. Ice-carrying slots caused by erosion, and other action.

Sludge. Collection, on surface of water, of ice crystals that are not welded together. Does not prevent navigation. Name is someĀ­times given to 'Brash'. 2. Mud brought up by a dredger. Slug. Slugg. Seventeenth-century term for a slow-sailing vessel.

Sluice. Valve, in form of a door, that moves perpendicularly to the direction of the flow it controls. Found in bilges, tanks, and flooding openings of dry docks.

Slush. Sludge ice. 2. Fat skimmed off galley coppers when boiling meat. Formerly used for lubricating and preservative purposes.

Slush Bucket. Grease bucket. Was formerly kept in tops of sailing ships, being used for greasing masts, blocks, and running gear.

Smack. Small vessel having one mast and sloop, or cutter, rig. Formerly used in near-European trade, and, until recently, in fishing trade. Tonnage did not exceed 200 tons (about).

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