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Sliding Keel. 'Drop Keel.'

Sliding Ways. Inclined ways on which a vessel is built, and down

which she slides when launched.

Sling. A rope with its ends short-spliced together used to lift cargo.

Slings. Chains or ropes by which a yard is suspended from a mast. 2. The middle part of a yard. 3. Chains or wires by which ships' boats are hoisted; specifically those attached to the boat.

Slip. Of propeller, is the difference between theoretical advance of ship by propeller action and the actual advance. Mainly due to propeller acting in a yielding medium. See 'Positive slip', 'Negative slip'.

Slip. Particulars of a maritime risk against which insurance is required. Made out by broker and offered to underwriters. When initialled by insurer it is treated as an acceptance of risk,

and is exchanged for signed policy.

Slip. Inclined bed of masonry, sloping towards water, on which ships are built. 2. Inclined bed, often fitted with rollers, on to which vessels can be hauled for examination of underwater body, for painting and for repairing. 3. Hinged tongue of metal, fitted

with a securing link, used for holding a rope or cable that may require instant release. 4. To slip is to let go inboard end of cable or rope, and get underway.

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