Nautical words

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Slant (of Wind). Favourable wind for sailing a desired course. 2. A temporary breeze during a calm or period of light airs.

Slatting. The beating of a loose sail against a mast. 2. Slackening and tautening of luff of a sail when too close to wind.

S1aver. Vessel engaged in transporting slaves.

Slave Ship. 'Slaver.' Colloquially used to denote a vessel in which the crew have to work unusually hard.

Sleepers. Knees connecting transom to after timbers of a wooden ship. 2. Thwartship timbers that rest on trestle trees to support a top.

Sleet. Precipitation of rain and snow, or snow and hail.

Slew. To turn on a pivot, and in a horizontal plane.

Slice. Wedge piece inserted between bilgeway and keel to lift a vessel ready for launching. 2. Long iron bar used for stirring up fires in furnaces of boilers, and for clearing spaces between furnace bars. 3. Lever, with chisel end, used for removing plankĀ­ing or copper sheathing.

Slide Valve 316 Slipway

Slide Valve. Mechanism that admits steam on alternate sides of piston of reciprocating engine. Operated by the engine. Two commonest are 'Piston' and 'D' types.

Sliding Baulk. Substantial flat timber put under bilges of a vessel being launched, and resting on bilgeways of launching slip. Travels with ship when launching.

Sliding Gunter. Nearly vertical yard carrying a small sail that was set, (1) above royal or skysail, (2) carries the main sail of a boat.

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