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Sirocco. 'Scirocco.' Sisal

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Sirocco. 'Scirocco.'

Sisal. Fibre obtained from the agave plant of Mexico, Yucatan, and British East Africa. Used for rope making.

Sister Block. Two sheaves, one above the other, in same shell. Shell is shaped with flat, circular ends and a short circular shaft between the two sheaves.

Sister Keelson. An internal keelson running along either bilge.

Sister Ship. Ship built to same design and dimensions as another. 2. Ship belonging to same owner as another.

Sister Ship Clause. An Institute Time Clause that refers collisions between ships of the same ownership to the judgment of an arbitrator agreed upon by insurers and owner.

Sixern. Shetland Isles fishing boat. Double-ended, about 22 ft. long.

Sixteen Bells. Eight double strokes on ship's bell; customarily struck at midnight when new year commences. Eight bells are for 24 hours of passing year, eight bells for 00 hours of New Year.

Sixty-fourth. Minimum legal share in a registered ship. One share constitutes part ownership: there can thus be up to 64-registered owners of a ship.

Skeg. Angular member, or knee, connecting and bracing keel and stern post of a wooden vessel.

Skeg Shore. Shore put under skeg of a vessel to steady her at the moment of launching. Skerry. Reefs or rocky islets.

Skid. Thwartship beam or girder on which a boat is stowed. 2. Timber placed horizontally to facilitate the sliding of heavy weights. 3. Wooden fender placed vertically on ship's side to

keep cargo clear when loading or discharging.

Skid Beam. One of the beams supporting a light deck on which boats are stowed.

Skiff. Small, lightly-built boat used in sheltered waters. May be propelled by oars or sail. Skimming Dish. Small sailing craft having broad beam and fairly flat bottom.

Skin 315 Slice

Skin. Outside plating, or timbers, of a vessel. If there are two skins, it is the inner one. 2. That part of a sail that is outside when it is furled.

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