Nautical words

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Sinking a Strand. Procedure followed when long splicing 4-stranded rope to 3-stranded rope. After splicing three strands, fourth strand is tucked under nearest strands as most convenient for making a neat finish.

Siren 314 Skimming Dish

Siren. Fitting that gives a powerful and penetrating sound that is caused by passage of steam, or air, through a rotating disc with numerous perforations. Can be trained horizontally so that maximum volume of sound can be emitted in any required direction. 2. Mermaid. In Greek mythology these were supposed to lure ships to destruction by resting on a rock and

singing sweetly.

Sirenia. Marine mammals that feed on aquatic vegetation.

Sirius. Star  Canis Majoris. S.H.A. 259°; Dec. S17°; Mag. 1-6. Has a small companion, Sirius B. Sirius A has diameter about 1-8 that of Sun, but candlepower is 26 times greater. Distant about nine light years; temperature 11,200° A. Is the brightest star in the sky. Name is Greek for 'Scorcher'.

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