Nautical words

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Signalling Lamp. Lamp constructed and fitted for signalling by Morse code. Compulsorily carried by vessels on international voyages.

Signalman. Trained man whose duty is concerned with the making and receiving of signals. Signals. Communications made by signalling.

Signed Under Protest. Words incorporated when signing under duress and not concurring entirely with import of document signed, and after stating grounds of non-concurrence. Signs of Ecliptic. 'Signs of Zodiac.'

Signs of Zodiac. Twelve portions of Zodiac, each 30° in celestial longitude. They divide Sun's annual path into sectors, and are named after the principal constellation that was in each sector when division was introduced. Due to precession of equinoxes, the signs move backwards from their constellations at a rate of about one 'sign' in 2100 years,

Sill 313 Sinking a Strand

Sill. Lower horizontal member of a port of opening. 2. Upper edge of bottom of an opening into a dock.

Silometer.* Name formerly given to instruments measuring distance run by a ship, and not requiring the consideration of a time interval. Walker and Chernikeef logs are of this type; the Pitometer is not.

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