Nautical words

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Sighting the Bottom. Drydocking, beaching, or careening a vessel and carefully examining the bottom with a view to ascertaining any damage it may have.

Sight Test. Examination of eyesight to discover any defect in it. Includes Distance, Form, and Colour tests.

Sign. Formerly meant a 'constellation'. Now means a constella­tion in the Zodiac and, more generally, the twelfth of the Zodiac in which a certain constellation is.

Signal. A pre-arranged act or exhibition that has a specific meaning.

Signal Halyards. Ropes by which flag signals are hoisted. Vary in size from 3/4 inch to 1 1/4 inch. Usually have a proportion of reverse-laid yarns, to prevent torsion causing flag to coil up around its halyard.

Signal Letters. Four letters allotted to a vessel for indicating her name and port of registry by International Code. The first letter indicates nationality.

Signalling. Communicating by means of sounds, signs, shapes, flags, or lights.

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