Nautical words

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Side Fishes. Rounded pieces, on outside of a made mast, that give mast its circular form.

Side Girder. Longitudinal member going fore and aft parallel to centre girder. It may be continuous, in which case floors are not continuous; or it may be intercostal between continuous floors.

Side Keelsons. Two small keelsons lying on either side of main keelson to give increased longitudinal strength.

Side Ladder. Rope ladder put over ship's side for manning or disembarking from boats.

Side Lights. Red and green screened lights compulsorily shown by vessels underway between sunrise and sunset.

Side Party. Men detailed for upkeep and patching of ship's side paintwork.

Sidereal. Pertaining to, or measured by, the fixed stars.

Sidereal Clock. Timepiece regulated to keep sidereal time. It gains 24 hours a year on a clock keeping mean solar time.

Sidereal Day. Interval between successive transits of First Point of Aries across a meridian. Is 3 minutes 55.91 seconds shorter than a mean solar day.

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