Nautical words

Shuga. Slush when in Russian rivers. Shutter

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Shuga. Slush when in Russian rivers.

Shutter. Poppet closing rowlock of a boat.

Sibidsibiran. Small, one-masted fishing vessel of China seas. Is fitted with an outrigger.

Sick Bay. Space, in a warship, reserved for the treatment of the sick and injured.

Sick Berth. Alternative name for 'Sick Bay'.

Side Benches. Fore and aft benches in lifeboat, lying above thwarts and tops of air tanks.

Side Boy. Boy, or ordinary seaman - in Royal Navy - whose duties are to work under quartermaster of the watch and keep the gangway clean, man the side when required, pass end of man-ropes to passengers in a boat, carry messages from officer of the watch. At sea, he is bridge messenger.

Side Error. Sextant error due to horizon glass not being perpendicĀ­ular to plane of instrument. Ascertained by clamping index bar to zero and observing whether direct and reflected images are coincident. Corrected by adjustment of screw in back of mirror frame.

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