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'Shove Off Forward.' Order given to bowman of a boat when he is to bear boat's head away from the ship or structure that she is alongside.

'Show a Leg.' Phrase used in Royal Navy when calling hands from their hammocks. Said to be a survival from days when women were allowed to sleep aboard warships. More likely to

mean, 'Show some intention of turning out.'

Shroud. Rope or wire rigging that supports a mast or bowsprit in a thwartship direction.

Shroud Bridle. Bridle used to confine running rigging to a shroud.

Shroud Hoop. Band attached to mast near head, having lugs to which upper eyes of shrouds are attached.

Shroud Knot. Knot for temporarily reuniting a shroud that has parted. Ends are unlaid, married, and a wall knot made in each three strands.

Shroud-Laid 311 Sidereal Hour Angle

Shroud-Laid. Said of ropes consisting of four strands laid up around a central heart.

Shroud Plate. Iron plate, on side of ship or boat, to take lower ends of shrouds. 2. Iron band at head of lower-mast to take lower eyes of futtock shrouds.

Shroud Stopper. Short length of rope used for securing to a shroud above and below a part that had become stranded.

Shroud Truck. Wooden thimble seized to a shroud to form a fairleader for a rope of running rigging.

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