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Shoot Anchor.* Sheet Anchor.

Shooting in Stays. Carrying a good amount of way when going from one tack to the other under sail.

Shooting Stars. Meteors.

'Shoot the Sun.' To take Sun's altitude with sextant or quadrant.

Shore. Legally, area between high and low water marks on the coast. Commonly, the land immediately inshore of the sea.

Shore. Strong prop that supports or steadies a vessel's hull while building or in dock. Applied in line of a floor, frame, or rib. To shore is to place shores so that they steady or support.

Shore Floe. Field or floe ice that has become joined to shore, and does not rise and fall with tide.

Shore Horizon. Line made by sea surface along the shore, as viewed from ship.

Shoring. Supporting with shores. 2. All the shores used when shoring.

Short Bills. Bills of Exchange that become payable within 10 days of sighting.

Short Delivery. Delivery of cargo when short of bill of lading amount.

Shorten In. To decrease the amount of cable by which a vessel is riding.

Short Exchange. Rate of exchange for 'Short Bills'.

Shorten Sail. To reduce effective sail area of a ship under sail by furling or reefing.

Short Glass. Sand glass used in connection with ship log when speed exceeds five knots. Empties in 14 seconds; log indication being doubled to find speed.

Short-Handed. Not having full crew. Undermanned.

Short Jaw 310 Shroud Knot

Short Jaw. Said of a rope when lay of strand is appreciably more than 45° from the run of the rope.

Short Shipped. Amount of cargo not loaded because of non-arrival at ship, or because ship had no space available.

Short Splice. Joining of ends of two ropes by unlaying an end of each, marrying them and tucking each strand over and under strands in other rope.

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