Nautical words

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Shirt in Rigging.* Signal formerly made by a merchant vessel when asking for a boat to be sent to her by a warship.

Shiver. Old name for 'Sheave'. 2. To put luff of a sail into the wind so that the wind is spilled out of it.

Shoal. Ground with its upper surface a little below surface of the water. 2. Water shoals when its depth decreases.

Shoe. Board or block in which heel of a derrick or sheer leg is housed. 2. Step of a mast. Shoe an Anchor. To lash a board, or plate, to fluke of anchor to increase its grip in the ground. Sometimes put on Admiralty pattern anchor to prevent bill catching on edge of side plating when fishing the anchor.

Shoe Block. Block with two sheaves, one above the other, and the pin of one sheave athwart line of pin of the other sheave.

Shole. Flat timber, or plate, put under heel of a derrick or sheer leg to spread the thrust. 2. Piece of wood attached to lower edge of rudder to protect it when ship takes the ground. 3. Old form of 'Shoal'.

Shoot Ahead. To move ahead swiftly. To move ahead of another vessel quickly when underway.

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