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Shipshape. Arranged neatly and compactly. Ship's Husband

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Shipshape. Arranged neatly and compactly.

Ship's Husband. Person formerly carried in a merchant ship to transact ship's business and purchase stores. In earlier times, was the boatswain, and was in charge of the crew and of the fabric of the ship.

Ship's Papers. Books and documents required to be held by a ship. Include Certificate of Registry, Articles of Agreement, official log-book, bill of health, free-board certificate, radio certificate, and documents relating to cargo.

Ship Time. Time kept by a ship in a given longitude. May be Zone Time, but is frequently Local Mean Time at last noon position. To avoid large time corrections the time may be corrected frequently when making large differences in longitude.

Ship Worm. The mollusc, teredo navalis which attaches itself to the underwater surface of ships.

Shipwreck. Destruction or loss of a ship at sea. To cause the loss of a ship. Name is sometimes given to wreckage.

Shipwright. Man skilled in the building and repairing of ships.

Shipyard. Yard or ground, near water, in which ships are built.

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