Nautical words

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Ship of the Line.* Ship having at least two decks and an armament sufficient for her to take a place in the battle line.

Shipowner. One who owns a ship, or who owns one or more 1/64 parts of a ship.

Shipper. One who puts goods into a ship for carriage. At one time the name was applied to a seaman.

Shipping Articles. Articles of Agreement entered into by the Master and crew of a ship before commencement of a voyage. Articles of British ships are opened in presence of the Super­intendent of a Merchant Shipping Office.

Shipping Federation. Association of shipowners that watches their interests, maintains agreed standards and represents owners in conferences and discussions with representatives of ships' personnel.

Shipping the Swab. Old Royal Navy colloquialism for promotion to rank of lieutenant. Relic of the time when lieutenants had one epaulette.

Ship-Rigged. Square rigged on all of three or more masts.

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