Nautical words

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Ship Construction. Ship building, more especially as applied to steel ships.

Ship Fever. Typhus. In 18th century was the name given to typhus when caused by insanitary conditions in overcrowded ships.

Ship Handling. Manoeuvring of a vessel in circumstances requiring precise and skilful movements of rudder, engines, or sails.

Shiplet 308 Shipyard

Shiplet.* Old name for a small ship.

Shipman.* Old name for a mariner of any rank or rating.

Shipmaster. A person in command of a ship. A person certified as competent to command a ship. A master mariner.

Shipmate. One who serves, or served, in the same ship as another.

Shipment. The putting of cargo into a vessel. Goods, or parcel of goods, put into a vessel for carriage.

Ship Money. General levy formerly made on all counties, boroughs, cities, towns, and ports of England for upkeep of Royal Navy. Usually made in time of war. When Charles I called for it in time of peace it aroused opposition that culminated in the Civil War.

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