Nautical words

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Shift of Wind. A definite change in wind direction.

Shingle. Coarse gravel that has been partially rounded by sea action.

Ship. A sea-going vessel. 2. Vessel having a certificate of registry. Technically, a sailing vessel having three or more masts with yards crossed on all of them. In Victorian times, any vessel with yards on three masts was termed a 'ship' even if other masts were fore and aft rigged. To ship, is to put on or into a vessel; to put any implement or fitting into its appropriate holder.

Shipbreach. Shipwreck.

Shipbreaker. One who breaks up old and unserviceable vessels.

Shipbroker. One whose business is the buying and selling of vessels. 2. One who acts as an intermediary between a shipowner and a shipper. 3. One who acts as a ship's agent.

Shipbuilder. One whose business is the building of ships.

Ship Building. The construction of ships.

Ship Canal. Canal connected with sea and of such size that sea­going vessels can safely navigate it.

Ship Chandler. Tradesman who deals in cordage, canvas, and other commodities required when fitting out or storing a ship.

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