Nautical words

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Shelf Piece. Shelf that houses deck beams.

Shell. Outside plating, or strakes, of a vessel. 2. That part of a block in which a sheave revolves, and to which the hook or shackle is attached.

Shellback. An old and experienced seaman.

Shell Plating. Steel or iron plating that forms shell of a vessel.

Shelter Deck. Deck above main deck when it is not permanently closed against wind and weather. It is thus exempted from " certain tonnage dues.

Shelter Deck Type 307 Ship Handling

Shelter Deck Type. Type of vessel having a continuous shelter deck above main deck.

Shelving. Said of sea-bed when it slopes from shoal water to deep water with comparatively small inclinations.

Sheratan. Star  Arietis. S.H.A. 332°; Dec. N21°; Mag. 2-7.

Shield Ship.* Warship having movable shield around each gun until moment of firing.

Shift. Of wind, is a change in its direction. 2. To shift a vessel is to move her from one berth to another.

Shifting. Moving a vessel from one berth to another. 2. Move­ment of stowed cargo by movement of ship in a seaway. 3. Changing of wind's direction. 4. Separation of blocks of a tackle when they have been hauled 'two blocks'.

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