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Sheer Legs. Two splayed legs forming sheers. Sheer Line

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Sheer Legs. Two splayed legs forming sheers.

Sheer Line. Line of main deck at its junction with ship's side.

Sheer Mast. One leg of a pair of sheers.

Sheer Mould. Thin wood template with one edge shaped to indicate sweep of deck sheer; used for transferring sheer line to side of plating.

Sheer off. To move away obliquely.

Sheer Plan 306 Shelter Deck

Sheer Plan. Drawing in which are delineated longitudinal, vertical, and horizontal sections, and transverse vertical sections, of a vessel or proposed vessel.

Sheerpole. Iron bar lashed to lower eyes of lower rigging to prevent shrouds, and deadeyes or screws, from turning.

Sheer Rail. Lower strake of bulwark planking in a wooden vessel.

Sheers. Splayed legs erected more or less vertically and meeting- or crossed-near top, where upper end of a purchase is attached for lifting purposes. Inclination of plane of these legs is control­led by tackles—or by a third, and longer, leg at right angles to the other pair. Used when masting ships and for other purposes requiring a high lift of a heavy weight.

Sheer Strake. Main strake in a vessel's side plating, being that to which main deck beams are fastened. In a boat, is the strake to which upper ends of ribs are fastened-sometimes called 'top strake'.

Sheet. Rope or purchase by which clew of a sail is adjusted and controlled when sailing.

Sheet Anchor. A third bower anchor. Originally, was heaviest anchor in ship, and used in heavy weather. Formerly called 'waist' anchor, on account of its being stowed abaft fore shrouds. Rarely carried nowadays, except in H.M. ships - where it is a spare, or additional, starboard bower anchor.

Sheet Bend. Simple and secure method of attaching a rope to an eye or loop. End of rope is passed through eye, over one side of it, behind the eye and then under its own standing part. Double sheet bend is made by putting a round turn below, and following, the first turn.

Sheet Cable. Cable attached to a sheet anchor.

Sheet Home. To haul on a sheet until it is taut and sail is fully extended.

Sheets. After space, in a boat, that is abaft thwarts. Sheets of sails are tended there when under sail. 2. Cockpit of a yacht.

Shelf. Strong timber bolted to inner sides of ribs of a wooden vessel, to form housing for deck beams. In a boat, it carries the thwarts. 2. Rather abrupt rising of sea-bed from deep water to shallower water.

Shelf Ice. Land ice, either afloat or on ground, that is composed of layers of snow that have become firm but have not turned to glacier ice.

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