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Shearing Stress/Strain. Force that is exerted so that it tends to make one part of a member slide over the other part; so exerting a scissors-like action on fastenings passing perpendicularly through both parts.

Sheathed. Said of a steel vessel when her underwater surface has been covered with wood to which copper sheathing has been fastened.

Sheathing. Protective covering. Particularly applied to copper placed on underwater surface of ships to prevent fouling and attacks of marine animal life. Also applied to wooden linings in holds, etc.

Sheathing Nail. Flat-headed cast nail of tin and copper alloy. Used for nailing copper sheathing on underwater surface of a wooden or sheathed vessel.

Sheave. Grooved wheel in which a rope runs and alters its direction. May be of metal or wood; lignum vitae being usual in the latter.

Sheave Hole. Aperture in which a sheave is fitted.

Sheepshank. Manipulation of a rope by which its effective length is reduced, and can be restored quickly. Rope is bighted so that three parts lie alongside and a bight is at each end; half hitch, in same rope, being passed over each bight.

Sheer. The upward sweep, from amidships to forward and aft of a vessel's freeboard deck. Also, the amount that the forward of after end of a deck is higher than midship part when keel is horizontal. Standard sheer, in inches, is 0.2 of vessel's length in feet+20 inches, for forward sheer; half this amount for after sheer.

Sheer Batten. Wooden batten used for same purpose as sheerpole.

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